Peugeot ISEN 18cm pepper mill u'Select, different colors

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Manual pepper mill made of beech wood with a crank

With its u'Select system for extremely precise adjustment of the degree of grinding and the ergonomic, modern crank made of shiny metal, the Isen pepper mill revisits the shape of the historic Peugeot mills in a modern way.

Its design combines the modernity of shiny metal with the warmth of wood. The beech wood comes from the PEFC™ certified forests in France.

Manufactured in the Peugeot workshops in Franche-Comté, the crank grinder allows you to grind your favorite pepper with ease and precision. The patented u'Select system for setting the degree of grinding at the bottom of the grinder allows you to choose between six different finenesses and guarantees a regular grinding result.

Length: 18cm

25-year guarantee on the Peugeot grinder

Made in France

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