Lid Margrethe, different sizes

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This BPA-free plastic lid fits perfectly on your Rosti Margrethe mixing bowl.

Ideal for storing the bowls and their contents in the fridge etc.

Material: Polypropylene (BPA-free)


150ml: Ø 106 x 11mm

350ml: Ø 106 x 11mm

500ml: Ø 130 x 14mm

750ml: Ø 150 x 15mm

1.5 liters: Ø 166 x 13mm

2 liters: Ø 186 x 13mm

3 liters: Ø 217 x 15mm

4 liters: Ø 241 x 14mm

5 liters: Ø 283 x 17mm

(Fits only the melamine bowls!)

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