MACINO mortar, various sizes

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With the mortar you can create your own spice mixtures in no time. The mortar makes it possible to freshly crush spices in the traditional way in order to preserve the full aroma.

The rounded base and the massive pestle are ideal for preparing herb pastes, spiced salts and Italian pesto.

For grinding spices and herbs.

Very good grinding result thanks to the roughened bottom of the bowl and the head of the pestle.

With pouring spout.

Material: porcelain


Ø 7.7 cm: L 8.4 x W 8.0 x H 4.8 cm

Ø 10 cm: L 10 x W 10 x 6.5 cm

Ø 13 cm: L 13.5 x W 13.5 x H 8.8 cm

Dishwasher safe.

Unfortunately, herbs and spices are not included.

Mortar and Pestle, porcelain

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