Cilio porcelain egg cup N

Cilio porcelain egg cup N

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  •  10.5 cm
  •  0.11kg
  •  porcelain
  • Colour: white

By dealer:

+ white hard-paste porcelain

+ with shelf

+ stackable to save space

sunday morning No appointments, but time for a hearty breakfast. A breakfast egg is a must. Best in the egg cups from cilio. The white porcelain in a timeless design goes well with any beautifully set table. The egg is in good hands in the holder, the practical shelf holds the shell that is left over when peeling. Liquid, dripping egg yolk is caught before it can leave unsightly marks on the tablecloth. Another plus: the egg cups can be stacked in the cupboard to save space.

Material: fireproof white hard porcelain, fired at approx. 1,300 °C

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