Set of 2: Peugeot Duo Clermont 13cm, different colours

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Duo Clermont - Set of one pepper and one salt mill

Thanks to their slender body, the Clermont mills made of beech wood sit comfortably in the hand and embody a simple and genuine cuisine that is created with passion and generosity.

These manual grinders are equipped with a high-performance Peugeot grinder specially adapted for pepper or salt. The Made in France steel grinder is protected against corrosion by a special coating. The unique cutting and wear resistance give it an optimal longevity.

The shiny knob on top of the grinders allows you to adjust the grind level. In this way, you can enjoy freshly ground pepper or salt to the full in the kitchen or at the table.

25-year guarantee on the grinder.

Length: 13cm

Made in France

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