Caso Design hand blender including accessories

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Powerful and quiet hand blender for mixing, stirring, whisking, pureeing and chopping

Powerful 22,000 rpm for numerous uses such as preparing smoothies, soups, creams, baby food, meat, crushed ice, etc.

Durable, robust 170 watt AC motor

Length of stainless steel hand blender 140 mm

Ergonomic handle for maximum ease of use

Easy and quick cleaning of the individual parts

Easy replacement of the attachment parts in a matter of seconds

overheat protection

Practical storage of accessories thanks to the compact 2 in 1 base: storage of accessories and holder for the hand blender

Diverse accessories:

CASO multi-knife (titanium-coated)

CASO whisk made of stainless steel

CASO meat knife made of stainless steel

Stainless steel fork for changing the blades Durable AC motor for constant speed, high efficiency and energy efficiency

CASO HB 2200 Pro

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