ESGE Zauberstab M100 schwarz, ESGE - Kochtail

ESGE magic wand M100 black

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M100D design
including multifunction knife and wall bracket

Technical specifications:
Power: 120 W, 230 V~, 50 Hz
Cable length: 165 cm
Two-speed - 7,000/10,000 rpm.
Durable motor, made in Switzerland
Immersion depth up to approx. 23 cm
Dimensions: Ø 6.9 x H 35 cm
Device weight: 0.93 kilos

The original ESGE-ZauberStab - the classic and pioneer among hand blenders - has been one of the most popular helpers in the kitchen since 1954, and can replace many a larger food processor.

The successful concept of the magic wand has hardly changed in the last more than 60 years, instead new accessories have been developed again and again to make the hand blender even more versatile.

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