Apothecary jars, various sizes

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This high-quality mini pharmacy jar is a classic among jars.

The elegant storage jar made of amber glass is closed with a glass lid with a ground stopper that fits perfectly into the opening.

The colored glass protects light-sensitive contents and can be used for small amounts of precious herbs and spices or bath salts.

The nostalgic vintage look makes the storage container a gem in the kitchen and bathroom.

The apothecary bottle is made of soda-lime glass and is food safe.

available in three different sizes:

50 ml ( Ø 43 mm, H 88 mm, opening Ø 24 mm)

100 ml ( Ø 53 mm, H 108 mm, opening Ø 29 mm)

250 ml (Ø 72 mm, H 139 mm, opening Ø 34 mm)

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