Riess mini oven dish, black

Riess mini oven dish, black

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Attention singles: Small casserole dish made of enamel - especially for mini ovens!

Dimensions: 24.8 x 20 x 5.5 cm

CO2 neutrally manufactured in Austria

Description from the manufacturer:

This mini version of an oven pan is specially designed for mini ovens. This makes it ideal for small households and intended for all dishes that need to be baked or fried in the oven.

The baking and roasting pan made of enamel has a curved edge - flanged edge in enamel language - the metal is bent to create a round and stable edge. The shape can easily be cut (open) with a knife.

If there are any leftovers, they can also be perfectly stored in the enamel mini oven pan, because enamel is bacteriostatic and fruit acid-resistant and perfectly preserves all aromas.

After the work is done, the frying pan is easy to clean - for your next use.

The material enamel consists of iron that has been fused with glass at high temperatures, i.e. from natural materials. Thanks to its iron core, the enamel conducts heat at lightning speed and stores it sustainably for energy-saving cooking. We therefore warmly recommend always using oven mitts.

The non-porous, smooth glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. This is aroma-neutral and bacteria-inhibiting and also easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, enamel crockery will last for a long time and retain its typical shine.

Types of use:

Baking and roasting: From vegetables to casseroles or small roasts, the mini baking oven dish made of enamel is always ready for use in your mini oven or for any other oven as a practical and robust little helper. And for small amounts, so whenever one or two people want to enjoy a meal together.

Storage: The mini oven pan can not only be used for baking and roasting, but also for storing food. In this case, the mini baking tray, which is also available in our range, serves as a lid.

Made in Austria

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