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With the Pizza Stone Deluxe rectangular you can prepare delicious stone oven-quality pizzas at home. No moist, but deliciously crispy pizza bases.This pizza stone is suitable for use in the oven or on the grill and has an elegant raised edge on the back. Also suitable for ready-to-eat pizzas.

Pizza with a crispy crust
You no longer need to go to the pizzeria to get the tastiest pizzas. From now on you can do this yourself at home! This pizza stone absorbs moisture, making the pizza crust deliciously crispy. Damp pizzas - which you get with a regular baking sheet - are a thing of the past!

For round and rectangular pizzas
This pizza stone has an area of 40x32 cm . This is big enough to cook a delicious square pizza, but also a round pizza with a diameter of up to 31 cm. Thanks to the luxurious raised rim, you won't accidentally slide the pizza off the pizza stone and into the oven.

How to clean the stone
Never put the pizza stone in the dishwasher or wash it with water. The stone absorbs water. If it comes into contact with water, there is a risk that the stone will break the next time you use it. what a pity! Carefully remove baked-on pizza residue with a wooden or plastic spatula. Then wipe the stone with a dry kitchen towel. After repeated use, stains will form on the stone. That's not bad and doesn't change the taste of the pizza!

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