Peugeot Appolia oval ceramic casserole dish 40 cm, various colours

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The charming, practical 40 cm oval ceramic casserole dish will quickly become indispensable and is available in two colours.

With its thick and perfectly smooth base, the Appolia form from Peugeot allows for a perfect preparation of casseroles or cakes, for example.

With its wide and knurled handles, the Appolia mold is easy to take out of the oven and carry to the table.

The Peugeot ceramic mold is easy to clean by hand or in the dishwasher and offers excellent mechanical and thermal resistance (-18ºC to 250ºC).

The mold retains heat for up to 30 minutes. This keeps your food warm at the table for a long time.

Often neglected in favor of other cooking methods, ceramic dishes are making a comeback in our kitchens. There are several reasons for this: Ceramic is a natural and robust material that offers all the advantages of smooth and homogeneous cooking and sublime flavors of your recipes.

Made in France, in strict compliance with environmental and food standards, the Peugeot Appolia ceramic casserole dish is resistant to mechanical and thermal shocks. Their high-quality enamel ensures a perfect and smooth surface. The "anti-abrasion" ensures that it does not crack, does not scratch and does not rub off. This keeps your ceramic bowl intact for a long time.

Length: 40cm

Material: ceramic

Made in France!

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