Mineral B Element Pro - round iron pan - various sizes

Mineral B Element Pro - round iron pan - various sizes

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For browning and grilling food, the de Buyer iron pan is a must.

Once the iron pan reaches temperatures above 140°C, it seals the food on the surface as the food's natural juice caramelizes (the Maillard reaction).

The crust that forms keeps moisture from evaporating. The food is thus brown and crispy on the surface and remains tender and juicy in the middle.

Perfect for roasting meat and potatoes and preparing crispy crepes and delicious omelettes!

  • Please note that the de Buyer iron pan is seasoned before it is used for the first time

A pan made of sheet steel has to be fried. It turns black with use. The more a pan has been used, the better the cooking process; the blacker it is, the less sticky it is. Dishwashers and cleaning products may not be used.

  • Iron pan with organic BEESWAX MANUFACTURE - Eco-friendly - Recyclable
  • with cast stainless steel handle
  • For searing grilling browning
  • Can be used on all types of stoves - including induction

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