Milk frother RICCARDO

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The double sieve insert brings efficiency into play - because two sieves ensure that the milk frother turns hot or cold milk into fine foam in no time at all.

For preparing creamy milk froth.

Double, fine-mesh sieve insert

sandwich bottom

Suitable for electric, gas, ceramic and induction stoves (depending on the minimum diameter of the pot detection)

Internal scale, with max. filling volume: 300 ml

Capacity: 800 ml

Practical handle

TIP: for the best milk foam result, let the milk rest for a while after frothing

Ø 9.8 cm, L 16.5 cm, W 11.5 cm, H 19.5 cm

high quality stainless steel / plastic

Dishwasher safe

Thanks to the sandwich base, the milk frother is suitable for all types of stoves - but cold milk can also be processed without any problems. Simply fill in the milk, put the lid on and the up and down movement of the handy handle transforms the milk into a fine, creamy froth for latte macchiato & Co.!

(Neither the coffee, nor the biscuits, the table and the napkins are included.)

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