Le Creuset Kettle Tradition, different colors

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Content: 2.1 liters

From manufacturer:

The Tradition model is the classic among water kettles. An extra-strong ferromagnetic base ensures that the water heats up quickly. The typical whistling sound of the kettle signals boiling water. The ergonomic, heat-resistant handle provides a secure hold.

Nothing is as relaxing as letting your thoughts wander and savoring the moment of calm, for example with a cup of tea or coffee, hand-brewed. Le Creuset kettles are the perfect accessory for this little indulgence. Made from high-quality enamelled steel, they are colour-coordinated with our cast iron and pottery cookware and complement any interior style.

Heat resistant (up to 190°C) phenolic handles and knobs

Can be used on all types of stoves, including induction

Easy to clean thanks to the wide lid opening and enamelling on both sides

High efficiency due to good heat conduction

Extra strong, ferromagnetic base

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