Fissler Adamant comfort non-stick pan (high), different sizes

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The secret of this pan? The extremely robust seal with silicon carbide particles! These form a rough surface texture that is as hard as stone and even allows the use of metal kitchen utensils!

the adamant comfort has a very good non-stick effect and excellent thermal conductivity. So you can both cook gently and fry crispy.

Thanks to the high rim and the extra large frying surface, several portions can be prepared easily and turned effortlessly.

Of the ergonomic safety handle provides support and protects against heat.

Thanks to the integrated measuring scale you can conveniently dose liquids.

Suitable for any type of cooker including induction!


Ø 20 cm - 1.1 liters - ideal for one to two people

Ø 24 cm - 2.1 liters - ideal for two to three people

Ø 26 cm - 2.6 liters - ideal for three to four people

Ø 28 cm - 3.1 liters - ideal for four people

Made in Germany!

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