Ellipse Lunchpot Mini, various colors

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This Mepal Ellipse Mini Lunchpot is a practical transport option for taking a small snack or a snack with you.

The Mini Lunchpot has two different containers in which the ingredients of a meal can be stored and transported separately. The Mini Lunchpot can be used for yoghurt and muesli or soup and croutons, for example, and thus becomes a soup cup, yoghurt cup or muesli cup to go.

The two-part intermediate lid can be unscrewed with a simple twisting movement, the two containers remain closed and can be opened separately. This allows the ingredients to be freshly mixed together. Incidentally, the individual lids fit on both containers, so you don't have to look for the right lid in the morning...

The content of the upper, transparent container is 120ml, ie there is space for muesli or fruit.

With 300ml, the content of the lower container offers enough space for a small portion of soup, pasta or yoghurt.

Both containers are made of sustainable material, are suitable for the freezer, dishwasher safe and 100% BPA-free.

Only the bottom container of the lunch pot is microwave safe.

Dimensions: Ø 9 cm, H 128 mm

Content: 300ml + 120ml

Made in the Netherlands

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