Casserole, 16 cm, 1.5 liters

Casserole, 16 cm, 1.5 liters

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Pot with encapsulated sandwich bottom.

Combines the good heat distribution of aluminum with the magnetic properties of stainless steel to enable induction cooking.

Matting on the whole outer surface.

Sturdy, multi-spot welded handles that don't absorb heat.

Diameter 16cm

(Figure shows various variants)

Caution: Before first use, grease with high-heat oil and then boil with water. Please repeat this process 3x to prepare the product for use.

Damage caused by misuse, accidents and/or wear and tear from everyday use are excluded from the warranty.

Any discoloration, stains, rust film or traces of rust do not constitute a basis for warranty claims or for a return.

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