Baguette tray, perforated

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The specially perforated baking tray ensures optimal heat conduction and oxygen supply to the dough - this makes the three baguettes particularly crispy.

The high-quality non-stick coating ensures that the finished bread is released optimally and makes cleaning easier.

The baking tray is made of oven-proof carbon steel and is heat-resistant up to 230°C.

The baguette tin comes with great recipes, e.g. B. for delicious rye baguttes, delivered in a gift box.

Tip: Preheat the tray in the hot oven before use!

The tray has the dimensions 38.5 cm x 28 cm x 4 cm, there is space for three baguettes of 250 g to 300 g each.

Unfortunately, baguettes and dip are not included.

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