Baking frame UNO, extra high

Baking frame UNO, extra high

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Particularly high baking frame (8.5 cm) for cakes and pizzas with generous toppings. Infinitely extendable from 20 x 24 to 38 x 46 cm.


  • for all standard baking trays
  • effective and time-saving
  • L 24.0cm, W 19.5cm, H 8.5cm
  • high quality stainless steel
  • dishwasher safe
With this particularly high baking frame (8.5 cm), you can effortlessly make cakes and pizzas, even with generous toppings. Simply adjust the baking frame size to your baking tray, fill in the dough, top as desired and bake. The high frame keeps the dough in shape and prevents the contents from overflowing. The baking frame is also suitable for preparing cakes and desserts with chilled toppings made of yoghurt, quark mass, etc. To do this, bake the base in the baking frame, allow to cool, top as desired and refrigerate. The baking frame can be easily dismantled for cleaning.

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