Riess Ø 40cm washbasin, white

Riess Ø 40cm washbasin, white

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White enamel washbasin without spout

Content: 7 liters

Dimensions: Ø 40cm, H 11cm

Large enamel wash bowl without spout for the bathroom, kitchen or garden.

Cut and scratch resistant

CO2 neutrally manufactured in Austria

Description from the manufacturer

Enamel is not only used in the kitchen, but also in the bathroom. This has to do with the properties of enamel. Finally, the non-porous, smooth surface of our washbasin is bacteria- and dirt-repellent and easy to clean. The growth of bacteria and germs is made more difficult and this ensures optimal hygiene.

The material enamel consists of iron that has been fused with glass at high temperatures, i.e. from natural raw materials. Purely natural "mineral resources" are used in the production, such as iron, quartz, clay, feldspar, borax, soda & potash and enamelware remains 100% recyclable. This brings an absolute wholesome pot to the table! It doesn't get any greener!

When used and cared for properly, enamel crockery will last for a long time and retain its typical shine.


The washbasin without spout is intended for use on a washbasin. The water is emptied after use.

Our washbasin is often used as a giant bowl to stylishly present salads, pasta, dumplings and the like at large parties.


Dark marks on the enamel are mostly abrasion from cutlery or metal kitchen utensils. These can be easily with the or a mild scouring cream.

Made in Austria

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