Riess baking tray Multiflex 41 - 51 cm, different depths

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Enamelled baking tray Multiflex from Riess

CLASSIC series from Riess

Baking tray with variably adjustable width from 41 to 51 cm

Cut and scratch resistant

CO2 neutrally manufactured in Austria

FLAT: 2.3 cm deep, 41 to 55 cm wide, 33 cm long

HIGH: 7 cm deep , 41 to 55 cm wide, 33 cm long

Description from the manufacturer:

When biscuits are baked, there is always ONE baking sheet too few. The Multiflex enamel baking tray puts an end to this problem. The width can be adjusted with one hand, so that it fits in many ovens, but also if you need less or more space for baking.

The enamel baking sheet can be easily cut with a knife or food can be removed with metal kitchen utensils.

After baking, the Multiflex baking tray is easy to clean - for the next use in the oven.

Thanks to the iron core, the heat in our enamel baking and roasting pans is conducted quickly and stored perfectly: for sustainable, energy-saving and all-round even roasting or baking.

The material enamel consists of iron that has been fused with glass at high temperatures, i.e. from natural materials. Thanks to its iron core, the enamel conducts heat at lightning speed and stores it sustainably for energy-saving cooking. We therefore warmly recommend always using oven mitts.

The non-porous, smooth glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. This is aroma-neutral and bacteria-inhibiting and also easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, enamel crockery will last for a long time and retain its typical shine.

Types of use:

Potatoes, biscuits, pizza - all this and more can be prepared on the Multiflex baking tray.

Made in Austria

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