Le Creuset Ø 23cm frying and serving pan, various colours

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Dimensions: Ø 23cm, H 4cm, L 40.7 (with handle)

The frying and serving pan from the Le Creuset Signature series has an ergonomic cast handle that is comfortable to hold and ensures that it can be fully used in the oven. With two pouring spouts for drip-free serving, the pan is perfect for the kitchen and table!

Cast iron frying pans are a real basic for every kitchen. Due to the good heat storage capacity and even heat distribution of the material, the pan stays very hot even when the heat is low and the food can be fried sharply and crispy.

• Perfect for searing
• Suitable for all types of cookers, including induction
• Hard-wearing enamelling inside and out
• Easy to clean

Cast Lifetime Guarantee: 
Guarantee for the flawless and flawless material quality of the product for its lifetime, but for a maximum period of 30 years (from the date of manufacture 1999).

Made in France

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