Crepes-Pfanne Eisen, Ø 26cm, de Buyer - Kochtail

Iron crepes pan, Ø 26cm

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Practical iron pan for traditional crepes, pancakes etc. from de Buyer.
The heavy iron gets hot quickly and promotes the frying or caramelization process in the dough.
The pan has a nice, ergonomic French-style handle for a good grip.
Care instructions:
Seasoning is necessary before first use.
After the seasoning, the pan should only be cleaned with warm water (no washing-up liquid!) and then lightly oiled. The resulting patina provides a natural non-stick effect and improves with each frying process.
Dimensions: Ø 26cm, L (with handle) approx. 47cm, H 1.5cm
Suitable for all types of stoves (incl. induction)
not dishwasher safe

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