Riess storage jar 1350ml with ash wood lid, different colours

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The most beautiful storage jars for coffee, tea, rice, flour, sugar, salt...

For storing food or utensils

CO2 neutrally manufactured in Austria!

Dimensions: Ø 13 cm, H 12 cm

Content 1350 ml

Riess kitchen management designed by dottings

From manufacturer:

The design office dottings developed storage jars for us in clear, timelessly modern shapes and strong colors. The practical "managers" are used in the kitchen as a coffee jar or for tea, spices, cereals or biscuits - the elegant storage jars perfectly preserve all aromas and are also stacked on the shelf to save space and are a great eye-catcher.

The boxes are made of enamel and the lid is made of high-quality ash wood.

The material enamel consists of iron that has been fused with glass at high temperatures, i.e. from natural raw materials.

The non-porous, smooth glass surface guarantees perfect hygiene. This is aroma-neutral and bacteria-inhibiting and also easy to clean. When used and cared for properly, enamel crockery will last for a long time and retain its typical shine.

Types of use:

When using the kitchen management boxes, you don't have to strictly follow the name of the practical storage boxes. There are no limits to your imagination outside of the kitchen either, the boxes have already been spotted as a pen holder or as a place to store cotton swabs and cotton pads or paper clips.

The colorful cans can be written on again and again with a conventional wax pencil or oil crayons and are washable in the dishwasher.
e.g. filling date, shelf life, preparation instructions,...

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