Saucepan, 16 cm, 1.5 litres

Saucepan, 16 cm, 1.5 litres

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Satin finish with a highly polished, reinforced edge.

Sturdy, multi-point welded handles that do not absorb the heat.

acid resistant.

The sandwich base (stainless steel, aluminium, stainless steel) combines the advantages of heat distribution of aluminum with the longevity and magnetic advantages of stainless steel and thus also allows induction cooking.

The base is attached using impact bounding technology, i.e. by pressing on the entire pot surface and is welded seamlessly. This guarantees optimal heat distribution and the best possible protection against corrosion.

We grant a 10-year warranty on material, construction and processing errors on every Profi Line pan.

With long stainless steel hollow handle.

Diameter 16cm

(Figure shows various variants)

Caution: Before first use, grease with high-heat oil and then boil with water. Please repeat this process 3 times to prepare the product for use.

Damage caused by misuse, accidents and/or wear and tear from everyday use are excluded from the warranty.

Any discoloration, stains, rust film or traces of rust do not constitute a basis for warranty claims or for a return.

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