Le Creuset ladle, cherry red

Le Creuset ladle, cherry red

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Ladle with a soft silicone lip - you can use it to catch the last bit of soup in the pot!

The flexible, large-area silicone insert adapts perfectly to pots and bowls and allows leftovers to be skimmed off without having to tilt the cookware.

The extra deep spoon shape with a capacity of 119 ml is ideal for scooping up large portions.

The new Le Creuset kitchen gadgets are a strong combination of silicone and plastic!

The new kitchen utensils from Le Creuset are ideal for coated cookware. The high-performance, glass fiber reinforced plastic guarantees professional stability and strength. The colour-contrasting insert made of high-quality silicone ensures pleasant flexibility.

Length: about 31cm

Dishwasher safe

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