Finca Los Pinos Filter, Guatemala

Finca Los Pinos Filter, Guatemala

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Country of origin: Guatemala

Region: Huehuetanango

Preparation: Fully washed

Variety: Bourbon, Caturra

Mounting height: 1,900-2,250 m.s.l.

Flavor: Berries, Panela*, Red Pepper

Body: round & soft

Sweetness: spicy & harmonious

Acid: light & sparkling

Preparation recommendation: filter

Finca Los Pinos is located in Santa Barbara, a well-known coffee region called Huehuetanango, which won the award for Best Coffee in Guatemala in 2019.

Los Pinos is at an altitude of more than 1,900 m above sea level, so the coffee berries grow more slowly than in other nearby regions.

Producer Jorge Vides not only values his coffee product, but also his community, where he provides health and study aid to needy families. For example, children are taught coffee botany so that they can be better coffee professionals in the future and aim for better jobs and fairer salaries.

Diversity is important to Finca Los Pinos. Not only coffee plants are grown there, but also other fruits. This protects the soil of the fincas and leads to the characteristic aromas of the coffee they produce.

Flavors like those of berries, panela* and red pepper.

*Panela: Unrefined sugar obtained from sugar cane, sold in compact pieces of rectangular, round or prismatic shape, depending on the region. Panela is typical of some Latin American countries.

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