Küchenprofi Fischgrillzange "Easy", Küchenprofi - Kochtail

Küchenprofi fish grill tongs "Easy"

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This is how the barbecue season can begin!
Compact fish grill tongs from Küchenprofi for easy grilling of fish, vegetables and more.
Dimensions functional part: 29 x 12cm
stainless steel

From manufacturer:

+ compact size
+ stainless steel
+ also for vegetables

Those who fish for the "Easy" fish grill tongs from KÜCHENPROFI have a clear advantage. In the accessory made of stainless steel, large and small specimens succeed effortlessly. Grilling and turning is easy, the tender grilled food does not fall apart. Practical: You can also use the tongs to prepare oblong slices of vegetables such as courgettes or aubergines.
The size is ideal for the typical kettle grills.

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