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Eco bread box Tiffin Swing - lunch box 3 levels

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The round stainless steel container from Eco Brotbox. Thanks to the silicone seals in the lower levels, this container is 100% tight and is therefore very suitable for meals of all kinds.
Ø 13 cm, height 12 cm
Capacity: 1300 ml in total
Material: stainless steel, silicone (sealing rings)

From manufacturer:
This classic round stainless steel container has been used throughout India for several generations and is called "Tiffin" there. We have brought the benefits of this box to Germany! Our Tiffin Swing Lunchbox combines tradition with high-quality stainless steel, a practical clamp closure and carrying handle. Two silicone rings in the two lower layers ensure 100% tightness. Practical not only for work and school, but also for outdoors and camping, because the containers can be heated on a stove - but be careful hot!

– Container with a lower, middle and upper part with a lid – for a three-course take-away meal
– The clamp closure is suitable for children
– 100% AISI204cu stainless steel (
– Free from harmful substances
- Tested food safe - no smell or taste deviations
– Dishwasher safe
– Leak-proof (two sealing rings made of food-safe silicone)
– Stainless steel containers are not suitable for the microwave or freezer!
– Some parts of our bread boxes are still handmade and are therefore unique

Info: Thanks to the use of sealing rings, your Tiffin Swing is leak-proof on two levels. However, if the food is very hot, negative pressure can form, which makes opening the box significantly more difficult.

So please let the food cool down a bit before you close your box. With very hot food (over 70 degrees), it is advisable to remove the sealing rings - but now the box is no longer tight.

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