Berliner Brandstifter Gin 0,7L, Berliner Brandstifter - Kochtail

Berliner Brandstifter Gin 0.7l

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The new gin from Berlin!

Berliner Brandstifter Berlin Dry Gin - refined with Berlin flowers & botanicals

The 7-fold filtered Berliner Brandstifter Gin is an exceptionally soft and fresh juniper dry gin. Its unique character is rounded off by typical Berlin notes of elderflowers, fresh cucumbers, mallow blossoms and woodruff. The plants used are grown exclusively on Berlin farmland in compliance with the legal provisions on organic production and picked by hand. Their harvest, which is limited by nature, limits production to 9,999 bottles a year.

Alcohol content: 43.30%
€52.14 / 1L

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